I know we have two cry animations, but they’re not very good. In INK and classic, the cries are dramatic and obvious, but the Limelight animations for male and female aren’t. They hardly move, they just hold their face and look sad, They really don’t look like they’re sobbing.


I totally agree! In a specific scene, I attempted to make everyone cry differently, but they seemed to be the exact same crying animations. I can barely tell the difference between the two. Sobbing is more emotional, and heavier than sniffling.


In INK, the crying animation looks so sad, their shoulders move and their mouth is moving and they wipe their face! In classic, they hold their face and sob dramatically! In Limelight, they hold their face


In my opinion, crying doesn’t need to be too dramatic, and they don’t need to necessarily hold their face (I don’t do that) so I’m not exactly a fan of crying animations (no matter limelight or ink)


it would be cool if they could cry actual tears too. i saw it in one story as an overlay and it was dope


but if you’re writing a sad scene you kinda need crying animations and it’s better if they’re more dramatic. like what if a character died and they’re not sobbing, just sniffing


Yes, but there should also be more realistic crying, like for children, bawling, and face turning red- I do not hold my head in hands when I cry, I don’t know about anyone else.
Sorry if I come across as rude,
I only mean to say that yes, those would be good, but there are different, say, “levels” of crying.


they don’t have to hold their face, but it looks better when it’s dramatic