I know Episode have some animations where the character lays and their eyes are closed. Most writers actually use this animation to show a character has died or dead. However if you look closely and zoom in, you can see the character is actually breathing.

Don’t you think Episode should have an animation where the character lays with their eyes closed but they’re just not breathing? To show that they really are dead!


agree but idk if they’ll allow it.


Support -

but to avoid having your topic closed I suggest you change the title to



Just use idle_fall for now. :slight_smile:


I doubt it. According to the content guidelines, you’re not allowed to show death on screen. You’re allowed to say someone died, but not depict it


Yes! Especially since my story is a murder mystery having that animation would be super useful!


“Can’t have a cartoon snuff film!” haha





support but maybe you could use the face down animation?




Why not?
Support :slight_smile:


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You can use faint animation. After falling character’s chest is not moving. But support.


Support :+1:




B u m p. :no_mouth: