ANIMATION: Doctor Animations


I’d also like to add about my previous post (about doctor clothing) I think there should be some props aswell like syringes, medicine etc.

And they should come with animations, because what’s the point of having a specific prop without an animation for it?

Agreements/ Opinions?

CLOTHING : Bandages & Casts & Band - Aids (Limelight)
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Episode should! Let’s hope they read this to come out with it lol :grin:

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:joy: Thanks!


You’re Welcome :smile:

~ Rochelle C.


I completely agree! I have a story about people in medicine and there is a lack in doctor items. There should also be overlays to help. Here are some of my ideas:

-stretcher WITHOUT a body in it

-CPR (giver and recipient)
-more wounded animations

  1. out of breath
  2. leg injuries, chest pains, etc.
  3. Animations with a broken arm or leg

-Scrubs for Limelight
-Bandages/ casts
-Nasal Oxygen Cannulas
-Wounds ( the mummy clothing option had bruises on it and that was so great)

  1. Black eyes
  2. Scratches
  3. Bruises


I hope they do this for INK and Limelight because a ton of people still use INK.


This would be cool, but I’d recommend changing the title of this thread to ‘ANIMATION: Doctor Animations’ so the mods don’t delete it


Amazing idea!! Thanks for commenting, I hope they do that I’d be glad to see that.


I really hope they add more wounded animations as I too need them in my stories! These are all wonderful ideas!


Amazing ideas!!! I hope they read it and implement those


I totally agree. There should be props and animations for things like Wheel chairs and oxygen tanks, as well as CPR (giver and recepient), checking pulse, admistering shots, and others


I’m bumping this because this needs to happen!


I agree! They should add it!


I agree! It would certainly be helpful with making medical scenes and the like seem more immersive and realistic.


That would be great! Agree 100%


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AMAZING! I agree!


I feel like this is long overdo! I read too many stories where someone ends up in the hospital! :see_no_evil:


I AGREE Episode should!