Episode should really add an animation were you “elbow” someone. It can be used telling someone to be quiet, or they don’t want them to spill a secret. I think it would be a really good animation most people would use!


I agree!
I’ve been thinking about how they should have a sneeze animation.



  • @littytrin you’ll want to change the title to something like ANIMATION : Elbow Someone so the thread doesn’t get closed.




Support :muscle::muscle:


Support :+1:


yes totally!!


I do this to my friends all the time. It’d be a great feature. Support! :slight_smile:


bump ~


I’m wondering what that means?


You know when you “bump” someone with your elbow telling them to be quiet or to knock it off? Basically that…


I never knew this exists and I don’t know what this means? :smiley: Can you explain please? :heart:

I looked up on google to at least see how it looks.


lol it does not look like that :joy:

definition to help:
Definition of give ( someone ) the elbow . British, informal. : to tell someone to go away She gave her boyfriend the elbow after he lied to her.


something sorta like this i cant find the perfect photo


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