Animation Error [limelight]


so im trying to get one of my character do an animation but i get an error telling me that the person has to have some type of dialogue in it. But i dont want any dialogue i just want them to do the action


do @CHAR is animation


Hmm…I’m not sure I quite follow…is this before a choice (because I’m sure you need dialogue before a choice otherwise there’s an error)? P.S could you provide an excerpt from your script so I can know exactly what’s going on?
Also, to make a character do an animation, let’s say you want a character named HONEY to do a dance_loop animation, you can write either:
@HONEY is dance_loop
@HONEY starts dance_loop


Basically im writing a scene where two people are arguing and i’m trying to get one of characters to slap the person and the other character to receive the slap, but the error says that a dialogue has to follow the animation


Hmm, @PERSON1 is slap_face AND PERSON2 is slap_face_receive should run smoothly. Perhaps you forgot to capitalize the beginning letter of the sentence one of them said when they were arguing?


so is it supposed to be one line like : @PERSON1 is slap_face AND PERSON2 is slap_face_receive

or two seperate ones like: @PERSON is slap_face
@PERSON2 is slap face recieve

(cause i did it seperately)


If you do it in one line like I wrote, both of the actions will occur at the same time (person 1 does the slapping and we see person 2 getting slapped) however if you separate them, I’m sure there will be a tiny pause between the action (person 1 does the slapping and person 2 gets the slap a little while later.)


tysm i was able to fix the error.

I have another problem but it’s not related to topic (kind of). So i created it a title cover and chapter cover for my story (and got it approved). I wanted to display the title cover first so I did :



I saved it and got an error saying I needed something between the two so I used the @transition script, but when I previewed it, title cover went by so fast I didnt even get the chance to read it.

Is there another way i can display my title cover and chapter cover?


Ah yes, you could do something like this:


@zoom reset

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat


this will split the two (you can add how many pause for beats that you want depending on how long you want to show the title cover for)
Heck, you can even add a speechbubble in a different zone, offscreen, so the reader can click the titlecover, and it will take them to the next scene lol.

Also, instead of writing @pause for a beat, you could also write @pause for 5 (or a different number depending on how long you want to show the cover for.) So, it would look something like this:


@zoom reset

@pause for 5


p.s the @zoom reset just makes the zoom normal lol.
And I hope this helped! Much love.


bless your soul, my script is now free of errors, thank you very much :smile: