Animation error

Hey guys,

So I have a scene where a character falls into the ocean. However I want it to look realistic, so I put a jumping animation where she jumps and then a lay down animation to show she’s falling. However, between her jumping and her laying down the character stands up for at least a second which doesn’t seem like a lot but when you’re reading it, it does not look so great.

Any suggestions on how I can make the transition smoother so that she is not standing up for a second and so that she falls straight after she jumps?

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You could quicken the time that it happens in

To make it look less noticeable or you could do the flying animation on the way down

I did quicken the time to 0.5 which is quite quick but even that isn’t working. Flying animation? Which one is that?

If it’s for an INK character, you could try the animation:
For LL, I would take the advice of @Helpieme

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It’s LL :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did that too, it’s still not quick enough :frowning_face:

If nothing is working, you could try doing a quick transition between the two.

I did that too. I guess it just won’t work!
Thanks for help though anyway :smile: