ANIMATION: Fixing animations for Ink!

Some animations in episode Ink are not working properly, like talk_dance_slow for females, their mouths don’t move. Now for the running animations, run_casual and run_cry, they aren’t looping, and if you want to use them you have to make the character move at a very high speed so the animation wouldn’t cut off while the character is exiting the scene. Who else agrees?


Hi @epy.sophie ! Do you mean for this to be a suggestion to Episode? :slight_smile:

No, as a report. But also as a suggestion for the animations to be fixed.

yEAH, the run_cry isn’t looping…:slightly_frowning_face:

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True, It runs for a second than just slides down the floor hands on the face

If you want this to be a suggestion you may want to make it into a feature request. You can find the guidelines for making those threads here!



Yeah, those animations are set this way for everybody, so it’s not a bug. I, too, wish this could be fixed as directing these non-looping running animations can be hell. :persevere: