fly_float, fly_fast, fly_slow, fly_sit, fly_sit_float


There could even be romantic ones or holding ones like fly_kiss, fly_makeout, fly_cheekkiss, fly_hold, fly_rockbaby.




Support! :sparkles:


support !!






@/Episode please do this. Support!


I agree! Yes please :heart:




Hello! :grin::leaves:

There is a really big amount of fantasy clothing for limelight, no question.:joy:
However, I would love to get more options for the animations as well, such as:

-a flying animation :airplane:
We have capes, we have super-hero-outfits, we have wings for angels, devils, and fairies… But the one thing we do not have is an animation to use them properly!

Please, dear Episode-Team, consider this as an addition in the future!:pray:t2:

Thank you for reading this!:grin:
Comment down below what you think about it.:pen:



I would also love a guitar prop, I see these in some stories and a different animation for it as well (ex: the Pitch Perfect story). I think these should be added! I feel that in due time they will, I understand that the Episode team is busy, I just hope we get more things like these added in in the future :slight_smile: