Animation for male ink

Hey all…
I just cannot find the animation for male where they are in shock and move back while their hands come forward and the eyes are widened.
Can someone help me out?



Unfortunately …it’s not.
Thanks for the help btw.



Again it is not.
The animation is kind of like he slowly moves back and his arms extend forward together with his eyes wide open…Hope you understood :sweat_smile:



Not the one I was expecting but it would look same like that but without he talking. :pensive:

I think it may be the shocked animation?

But there is no shocked animation other than for phone… :thinking:

There is indeed an animation called shocked

But I cant seem to find it :thinking:

I can find it.


@CHARACTER is shocked

in your script and you will see it. It exists

I have typed it like:
@CHAR is shocked
But somehow the word shocked does not turn green.
Is it correct?

Yeah, it doesn’t turn green but it’s still an animation

Oh …Thanks a lot :heart:
Both of you guys @OreoBiscuit and @JemU776.


np, happy to help :yay: :blob_sun: I thought that was the first animation you tried and it wasnt to ur liking :joy: Good luck :yay:

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Lol… :joy:
It’s nothing like that… :sweat_smile:
Thanks again. :wink:

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