ANIMATION: Hands On Chest

Animation Request.
I’d like to see hands on chest animation for a female even as a secondary to the hold waist give.

Screenshot 2021-04-26 175003
With the new hands on waist animation (especially since it’s only rear which makes zero sense to me)
I would love to see an animation of hands on chest for a female.
similar to this.
I feel like it could be useful and I haven’t seen it asked for before.


I mean, it’s a good idea, but episode don’t have any animations from that kind of side angle- so it would be difficult for them to do something like this. :thinking:
But I do think that kind of thing is pretty cool. :blob_hearts:



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True though

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I’m not necessarily looking for that particular angle, just the concept behind, it was the only photo I could find for an example


Ah okay, I see where you’re coming from. Support then :relieved:


it would be cool if they could implement this as a secondary pose to the hands on waist give,

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Yeah, it would.


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Episode is written, coded, and read in 2D. Plus this looks like the smiling and hugging animation with the other character. But support anyway!

Support, but I think you need to reformat this post, otherwise it’ll be closed on you?

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how would I reformat it? I’ve never done a post like this so your help would definately be appreciated.

I’d be more than happy to try that pose, I came up with this when I was writing a chapter for my current story, and I couldn’t find anything that looked good with the hold waist pose.

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I’m talking about the hugging idle pose, not the hold waist one :thinking:

maybe this is a better example?
Screenshot 2021-04-26 175003

No, I know what you mean but all I’m saying is this look fairly similar to the hugging idle pose.

If Episode can find a creative way to try to create a pose like this then I will fully support that :upside_down_face:

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yes I know, in my chapter I have the guy holding her waist, but I have nothing for the girl to be doing but standing there looking dumb, if episode actually implemented a forward view with the hold waist pose it wouldn’t be an issue, but everything hold waist in facing rear, so in that situation I don’t know what pose to put the female in that is facing forward.

There’s an animation for the female when he’s hugging her I believe

the hugging idle pose the person is leaning into the huggie and has her eyes closed and head tilted down, I am looking for a pose where the hands are on the chest and she is looking up eyes open, and maybe one with a talking animation as well.