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How do you get a character out of an automation without making them go idle?

Like if I have a character do an animation while they are talking but, don’t want them to stay in that automation?

Any ideas?


CHAR (talk_animantion)
Blah blah.
&CHAR is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop

Is that what you mean?

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As soon as a character ends an animation, they stay in that same spot until they are commanded to move again. That’s how people get their character to look at someone else like

They use the flirt_fingersnap animation while there offscreen.

What you can do is soemthing like this if this helps

CHARACTER (animation)
blah blah blah
&CHARACTER starts animation
CHARACTER2 (animation)
blah blah blah

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Thank you so much, girls!! That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for. :heart_eyes:

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