ANIMATION HELP: limelight disguisted reaction

Does anyone know how to do disguisted animation for LL male?
I know there is one but I can’t find it.

talk_disgusted_atcamera_loop - is it what you mean?

No like non talking for example she said something that he didn’t like and then he’s like “What??”

There is another one talk_repulsed but it’s still talking :thinking: Maybe try one of the ‘react’ animations?

I searched every one of them but I didn’t find it

Can you describe it, or do you maybe have a screenshot?

I don’t think so he’s like disgusted in face and does this weird thing with hands
Like someone sad something that offended him or like “What, no, I didn’t do it” kinda face if u know what I mean or maybe like he said “Ew” or something

Okay my only other suggestion would be talk_deny_neutral. But I’m conviced it’s talk_repulsed

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Omg thank you
Yes it’s talk_repulsed
Thank you so much :heart: :heart: :heart:

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