Animation Help! (need Help) (ink)

So I’m trying to find “surprise” and like “scared” and “startled” “shocked” Animations but I can’t find any and I was wondering is anyone knows of some I could use for my story (not out yet)

They start with react_

U can put like:

CHARACTER starts shocked

And it will do that animation

What do you mean?

All the animations you’re looking for start with react_

  • react_ shocked_awe
  • react_ shocked_gasp
  • react_ shocked_gasp_pose
  • react_ startled_embarrassed
  • react_ startled_subtle
  • react_ startled_surprised
  • react_ startled_surprised_pose

for ink?

For Limelight

Are there any for ink?

Here are some examples:


Animations vary since some animations are only available to females and other ones to males.

Try typing in “startled”, or “terrified” or other words similar to these in the Animations section.

Which animation type do you need? Like scared you can use idle_terrified. I think. I am forgetting right now.

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