Animation help please :/

Which animation do people use when they want two characters to run into each other? I tried a few different ones but it never looks good :confused:

are you using limelight or INK?

if its INK have you tried run_fall?

So maybe do run_athletic and when you reach the other person do run_fall or faint?

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@CHARACTER enters from left to spot _____ AND CHARACTER enters from right to spot ______ and CHARACTER is run_jog and CHARACTER is run_Jog.
@CHARACTER is faint and CHARACTER is faint…
#Be sure to put the same number in the ___ spot as this is where your character shall collide
#Each @ is a different line except you WILL need to put them in. c;

Thanks, I’ll try!

I’ll try, thanks twin!

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No problem twin :heart:

Thank you!!

Not a problem…
I am pretty new so if there are errors please excuse me…
But I am pretty sure that is how it is done…
Just as a check be sure that once you put the code in just hit save…
Go on your phone and click your story…
And then hit update script when previewing and check to see if it is in time… Otherwise you might need to do @CHARACTER enters from left to spot __ in 1… Or how long you want it to take.