Animation Help Please

I’m not sure if I’ve seen this before, but Is there a way to do animation on text in your story?
I want to do an intro to season 1 and have the words appear, but idk if thats possible.

I believe is a text overlay… that you would need

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Thank you, I’m gonna try that!

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How do I do that?

Your welcome… I think that would be the easiest way to do it

I can make it for you… what would you like it to say??

I went to the overlays but I dont see text

Season 1

You have to create it…

Any certain font or color?

I just want to animate the words so they fade in on the screen

White maybe?

Ok… I’ll go make one and see what ya think… :grin:

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Thank you sm

No problem…

How is this?? It’s a transparent background

You would upload it to your overlay section in the art catalogue

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Thats perfect thank you!

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No problem here to help

sorry again, but how do I save it?