Animation help please!

Hey I am trying to find the “STARE” animation… ANY HELP?

The end of shush animation?

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@amberose i believe is right. It’s the end of shush. You would have to have the camera focused on something or someone else or zoomed in on a different Character then after its over have the camera move to them and it will show them what you’re looking for!


It could also be the end of flirt_fingersnap. And you could also place a duplicate character offscreen and have that character do the animation so that it plays out. Then just switch out the main character with the duplicate character and the duplicate will still be in the last position of the animation.

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I think the sush was what I was looking for thank you!

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Hey I am trying to throw a pillow at a character
how do i get the overlay from zone 1 to zone 3