Hey y’all so idk if it’s just my computer and my phone but the animation “run_casual” just doesn’t work for me. My character will take like two steps and then she will end up appearing like she is sliding across the screen which is NOT at all what i need lol. Is this animation just broken or is there a way to fix it or something? thanks <3

(i tried uploading a picture but for some reason that ain’t loading either ;-; )

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yes that happens with ‘run_cry’ for me! I don’t actually know how to fix it :frowning_face:

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run cry and run casual are unfortunately like this, you can make them run faster so they will go off screen before the “slide” …

@CHAR walks to spot 1.234 567 890 in 0.5 AND CHAR does it while run_cry

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Aww, man haha well thank you :slight_smile: