Animation HELP!


So basically Imma like doing a story which is kinda like me FIRST ONE :see_no_evil: :sweat:
Now I am trying me hardest to make it as enjoyable as possible but it’s kinda hard coz I can’t get the right animations. I mean find. like loads of others such as Kayla Sloans (I recommend you read her stories including Infamous, Dead 7 and others) and I think Saige Mercer used it as well (#TNG).

It’s where the character pulls a sarcastically worried face. I have a feeling it might be a face pulled at the end of an animation but I REALLY NEED TO KNOW.

So if you’re kind enough to care, please tell me like NOW.

KAYLA WOULD BE PROUD. :confounded::confounded::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Ink or LL?




I think you mean the shush animation


Yes, it’s an end of animation.


I think so lemme see