Animation : how can I make a character smoke?

Hello everyone! :blossom:
I need help , can you tell me how can I make my character smoke a cigarette in limelight style?

Another thing
When I scale my characters they change back to their normal size when they move :woman_facepalming:t2:
Can someone help me?
Thank you :cherry_blossom:

ad props cigar to the character

@add Cigarette White Tan to DAMIEN

use smoking animations for LL:

  • smoke_cigarette_angry
  • smoke_cigarette_happy
  • smoke_cigarette_neutral
  • smoke_cigarette_sad
  • smoke_cigarette_worried¨

@DAMIEN is smoke_cigarette_angry

when you are done dont forget to remove the props again

@remove Cigarette White Tan from DAMIEN

Thay change back when thay move most likely because you use simple directing for walking - simple directing resets the scale to the 1.280 you have to walk them also by using spot directing:

it looks like this:

@DAMIEN walks to spot 2.153 205 -352 in 4 in zone 2 AND DAMIEN does it while animaton

more here:

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I don’t think that there are any smoking animations for LL as of now :confused:
I could be wrong.

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I really need to catch up on updates :joy::woman_facepalming:

Just ignore me then :sweat_smile:




Thank you so much you helped me a lot :cherry_blossom::clap:t2:


glad to help.


Sorry to ask you again :speak_no_evil::cherry_blossom:
But I have another problem which is
How can make something behinds another thing
I mean when I put an overlay I want to put the overlay behind the character not the opposite.

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you have to use layers…gimme second I will look up tutorial for it


Thank you so much :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:
You are a life saver :clap:t2:

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Na thats really nothing. :)) Hope it will help you.


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