Animation Ideas In Limelight - Upload Your Own Animations

Many creators, including us, have suggested many animation ideas.
We have come up with some animation ideas, that would be really helpfull to use.

A writing animation

A swimming animation

A worried freefall animation

A pat head animation (give / receive)

More kneeling and talking animations

A push-ups animation (and other exercizes)

A take off glasses animations

A squeeze hand animation

Also it would be REALLY usefull if the Episode Team let us upload owr own animations! But not like how we do with backgrounds and overlays. There would be a whole new page, that would let you time your animation choose if it will be looping or not, choose hands for each second, position, talking or not talking, hand, leg, hair, body moving, and loads of more things.

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-REY & BB8-


As nice as this sounds, this would take a lot of time and effort just to get this going. Keep in mind, all the animations need to be coded with the clothing and there are a lot of clothing, trust me. It would be nice, but it’s just not in reason with episode team. The episode team is constantly trying to update features and clothing options, and having to manage a section where people upload animations tons of times a day and having to code all of the animations into clothing and the body would just be too much work. At first, the option of choosing which animations you want to add sounds really cool, but there are many things that could glitch.
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Hello, Cassandra_Dean.
Thank you for commending! Actually your opinion means a lot - thank you! You are right! But if you noticed in our article, we said, that people don’t make new hand, mouth, leg, or body poses, they use these which are already updated and coded with clothes. So, basically, they make, not an animation, a compination of already given animations.
Thank you for your opinion by the way! But, take a look at the animation catalog, and you will se that some hand poses, are used in many animations. That’s what we meant in this article! Please, excuse us, if we weren’t very specific about it!

Thanks for your time! -REY & BB8-

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