Animation is frozen

Ok so I’m making an edited cover and I needed a certain pose. However, whenever I add the animation it doesn’t do anything. it just stays like this, not the actual animation. is it a bug or did I put something down wrong? I just did it with the girl with the same code and it worked.


it’s supposed to look like this. I just don’t like using this because it looks super blurry.

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remove the animation line of code from the scene save and preview maybe refresh then type it in again?

Things I would try:

  1. Adding a full stop after “Pause”.
  2. Adding the animation line again and then another narrator box beneath that too – you can actually do that multiple times, just in case you miss the opportunity to screenshot the first one (it’s also quicker than reloading the episode). It’s especially useful for faster animations.
  3. Combining the code:
@ROWAN stands screen center AND ROWAN starts animation

Yeah I did all that too and it didn’t work either.

I did. Don’t work.

The other animations work perfectly fine. It’s just this one in particular that it frozen

What you’re seeing on the screen is the final pose of the animation. When I’m taking screenshots for edits, I do this:

&CHARACTER is animation then pause for 2 then CHARACTER is animation then pause for 2 then CHARACTER is animation then pause for 2

Repeating the command as many times as you need. It gives you a chance to screenshot mid-animation!

I can try that. Thanks.

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It worked. Thanks. It’s weird. Never had that happen before is it because of the update. Used that animation mutilple times for screen shots and never had a problem

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