Animation is messing up

So I’m trying to make my character do an eye roll after my other character speaks but instead of doing the animation it makes her say it. Heres my script:

    TAYLOR (talk_confused_mind_blown)
Now we have to get out of here!
    KYLIE (talk_contend)
Ok, lets go back and take a right to the garden

    TAYLOR is (eyeroll)

When I say TAYLOR Is (eyeroll) it makes my character KYLIE say it.

Sorry if that isnt clear enough , thank you!

@TAYLOR is eyeroll


Oh wow ok that was simple thanks

no problem :slight_smile:

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Topic resolved and closed, thanks for the assist @Atreus. Also moved to Directing Help & Tips since it’s the correct sub forum for this. Thanks again! :peace_symbol::nerd_face:

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