ANIMATION: kiss_lay_loop


Hey there! If I’m repeating a thread, please let me know!

So in my story I was thinking of adding a scene where the MC and the love interest fall on the snow and start kissing each other while laying xD

I really need an animation for that, I don’t know if it’s there for LL but it’s not there in INK. Please add the following animations:

Thanks! :sparkling_heart:

P.S: Support this by liking, they may consider adding this animation if this thread gets noticed! :blue_heart:

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I think it’s a great idea.




Lol, you do have a point


There isn’t one for limelight either so I support 100%


I would like that too but I think you should read the Feauture Request Guidelines before this is closing xxx


why? is this against the guidelines?

Genuinely curious.


normally it has to begin with FEATURE: … so was told to me when i asked things.


oh my bad! sorry girl :woman_facepalming:


np but to sure ask @Sydney_H xxx


FEATURE only applies if it’s a feature. :wink: Since kiss_lay_loop is an animation, ANIMATION is fine. :wink:


Completely support!


Wish there was one too






@Sarina.K you could just make a scene where they fall and then just cut to a scene with a white background and make them kiss and it’ll look like they’re really kissing while lying down.

Like people use this background to not trouble themselves with laying animations that look crappy tbh.