ANIMATION: Kiss on the Hand


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a kiss of the hand? The gentle touch of the lips onto your hand is one of the sweetest feelings in the world. And, how cute it is for a romantic picture! Or, perhaps this kiss on the hand is a sign of respect? The royal heiress or queen of the kingdom is almost always introduced with a kiss on the hand.

May we please have this nice animation(s)?


And my drawing:


Yeah! I would also like to have an animation of a kiss on a hand.
It would be nice to have something different from a kiss on the lips


Yea! I am making a butler story. So, i
it would be nice to have it.


NO way dont say you goign to do sebby from black butler?


OMGH! I love black butler and as awesome as that would be, no. However, the butler will be almost as awesome as Sebas-chan and so will the MC! But, as all the Black butler fans know, no one can beat Sebastian. After all, he is simply one h— of a butler. :smile:


:+1::+1::+1: more likes please :smiley: this is a good suggestion!




I’m simply one HELLof a butler :heart_eyes:


:joy::joy: Yes!


Please can we?? I would love this.


This is an amazing idea, Support!


NIIIIICE :heart_eyes:


I SUPPORT THIS!! Soo romantic


Oh please make this happen! Imagine the romance stories being actually romantic and cute, not just that whole kiss_passionate stuff from the very first second!


Amazing ideas! SUPPORT.


support! So cute :heart_eyes:




t think you need to put it via Feauture Request Guidelines


Fully support!


A kiss on a hand would make a girl swoon :heart::heart: SUPPORT