ANIMATION: Kiss on the Hand


I SUPPORT THIS!! Soo romantic


Oh please make this happen! Imagine the romance stories being actually romantic and cute, not just that whole kiss_passionate stuff from the very first second!


Amazing ideas! SUPPORT.


support! So cute :heart_eyes:




t think you need to put it via Feauture Request Guidelines


Fully support!


A kiss on a hand would make a girl swoon :heart::heart: SUPPORT


Bumping this


i support!




Yes support


It would be lovely if we had this :heart:


Amazing idea!! Support


Thank you for supporting so many of my posts. lol


Lol no problem boo I saw u had some great ideas so I had to support!


Support! :laughing:


Didn’t we got that now or am I confused with something about hands that they did recently?


The recent animations are for holding hands and waist holding.


We have holding hands animation now. Not a kiss on the hand. lol :blush:
Plus, I made this in April, I think. My post has been here before the new holding hands animations. Episode have not created or probably even seen my suggestion yet.