ANIMATION: Laugh rear

Rear animations.
When they are talking and one is (talk_rear) when you want them to laugh they turn around for the animation.
It looks silly.


Can you explain more? I don’t really understand.

When you have 3 figures talking , one on the left and one on the right and one in the centre,
the one in the centre is with his back to you.
When you want to make them laugh the one that’s in the middle will turn around if you use
@character is laugh_giggle.
I would like it when the character has it’s back to you to stay that way.
(sorry for the crappy explanation I’m Dutch)


laugh_rear is my LYFE, or will be WHEN THIS HAPPENS dab

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another bump ?

Support and bump.
More rear animations please :folded_hands:


Please!! This would be useful.
Also, just more rear animations in general.

Support <3