ANIMATION: Limelight listen_phone_neutral_loop


In Limelight there are 6 animations for Listen_phone but none of them are neutral.

It’s hard to write a script with a somewhat serious conversation when all I can really use Listen_phone_sigh (which looks silly over and over again).

The others aren’t suitable for certain conversations so it would be useful to have a neutral one :slightly_smiling_face:


Bump :see_no_evil: I seriously need a neutral listen phone animation as I’m sure many others do too!




Support. We should have had this animation when Limelight was released, because listen_phone_sigh and listen_phone_happy_loop just don’t work in some situations.


I know right :woman_facepalming: They released all other useful animations for listening on the phone, but not a neutral one.


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support all the way!


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I had forgot about this thread, thank you!

Still need the animation Episode!!!


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Bump… I still need this :persevere:


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