ANIMATION: Looking down or up slightly

So I want my characters to all be different heights, but at the moment it’s hard to get characters to make eye contact during conversations when I do this. I’ve managed a few work arounds, but they’re far from ideal, and it still looks a bit awkward.

So could we please have the standard animations that are already made, but have the chars looking just slightly up or down. Like a 6 ft man speaking to a 5 ft women?

Pretty please! :bowing_woman:


Talk read paper?

Yes, like that. But the read series only covers a very few emotions. Also your avatar will have their hand out awkwardly during the whole conversation, plus the eyes shift as they’re reading. So you’ll end up with a shifty-eyed avatar that has a muscular problem in their arm…. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, it doesn’t help a whole lot. Also it doesn’t address the shorter person needing to look up to respond. :woman_shrugging:

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