ANIMATION: Makeup/Getting Done Up

I’ve been making a push towards an Episode makeup art launch for a phat minute. Here are the ideas I have. Please join me, fellow Episode writers, in creating animations (and props that correlate with these) for makeup.

It would be really nice to have animations such as…

  • Putting lipstick on (I’m actually confused why this isn’t a thing yet since INK did it)
  • Holding a compact mirror
  • Patting face (which could go hand in hand with a powder cushion and is easier than a foundation-application animation)

For having so many updated, trendy clothes it feels like Episode is lacking in terms of today’s culture for women and men alike which (I’m probably biased because I love cosmetology) includes a lot of empowerment in outward appearance and expressing yourself.
This would be an awesome feature that would really help some of us express that in our Episode stories.

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Closed since we already have threads for applying makeup: ANIMATION: Applying lipstick [LIMELIGHT] and NEW ANIMATION: Makeup applying