ANIMATION: Mermaid Swimming Animations Limelight


It would be cool to have different ways of swimming animations.
Like these:

Swimming up:

Swimming down:

Mermaid: relaxing?sitting:




We have swim_rear for INK females.


Support :100: all the way!


This is a great idea! :grinning:


Hello @Lorelei, this is Sydney the Moderator.

This topic is incorrectly titled. Review the Feature Request Guidelines and edit your title within 24 hrs, or this topic will be closed.

An another note, you are allowed only one feature per request. Mermaid Animation will need to go in a separate topic from Swimming Animation (unless you mean you want swimming mermaid animations, in which you’d need to edit the title to reflect that).

Thanks and feel free to hit me up with any questions! :slight_smile:


I retitled it. Thank you for letting me know


@Lorelei thanks for responding so quickly! :wink: Also, on a quick note, the feature word, Animation, needs to be in all caps: ANIMATION. Just edit that and we’ll be good to go! :sunglasses:


Alright Thank you.


I support this 100% please do this Sydney! :100:


I totally support that! :top::100: