ANIMATION: More Animations and Weather Effects for Limelight

I would personally like to see a Floating in the air or Flying type of animation not just walking on air.
As well as new types of Swimming, Dancing, Salsa, Tango, Ballroom, Cheering. I would love to see some new dance moves, Forward looking movements. Elemental Weather effects Like the character has Powers to make it Rain or create any elemental effect.


First of all, if you want those animations so bad, use Ink.
And there are like 3 different rain weather effects and for other kinds of elements, you can make and upload an overlay and use overlay animations, like I made a fire ball overlay and made a character throw it on another character while it was rotating and shifting and when it hit the other character, it got hit, the fire ball “disappeared” and the character fell.

Hello! A reminder that flying has already been suggested here. And that you can only make one suggestion per feature request thread. Please review the guidelines for suggestion threads before creating future feature requests. Thanks :v:t2: