ANIMATION: More dancing animations in Limelight


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ANIMATION: More Limelight Dance Moves

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Oh, thank you. Hope, I fixed it right​:see_no_evil::hugs:


Yasssss!!! I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE them in my story, too!!



Currently the dance moves are a bit awkward looking, and I think it’d be great to have some more dance moves. Specifically, moves that can be easily threaded together to make a choreography, rather than whole dances in one animation like Ink’s dance_kpop.

This is kind of what I mean:


I think it might be a little too hard for Episode to code these dance moves, but I understand where you are coming from.


They do have something similar in ink tho, but nothing in limelight…


Are you talking about the dance from Demi Lovato?


No, In ink they have dance sets.


New Dance moves like Salsa, Tango, Ballroom, Hip hop, break dance, cheer dance and so on.! I would be so cool to have new types.


True, the dance_groove is nerdy, they even said it in pretty little liars!


Didn’t I just bump this?



bruh why’d they merge my thread here when mine was first :face_with_thermometer:wack


Partner Dancing:


while walk_sing_backward_loop

That should be most of them! :sunglasses:


Cool they don’t have those dances in limelight! Would be so awesome to have it there.


No they are hidden but you can still use them!


In limelight!


Yea I tried using as you said but it keeps saying Error it doesn’t exist.