ANIMATION: more hangup animations

Atm we only have an angry hangup animation(on LL anyway) and I think even just a neutral one would be very good, not all phone calls need an angry hangup :joy:


support .it kinda look stupid to hang up angry

When I was working on my WIP earlier I had one of my characters have a phone call, and they were really excited about it… And then they had to angrily hang up because its the only option outside of the phone just disappearing.


And more phone animations in general would be nice.



I agree. It doesn’t make sense when the character hangs up on the person angrily unless they’re actually angry.

There needs to be a variety of emotions when it comes to hanging up.


Looks like we’ve already got a thread for this request! ANIMATIONS: New hangup animations Make sure to like and comment to show support. :smiley: