ANIMATION: More INK animations while holding baby


Hi, I’m Winter. I hope I haven’t repeated a thread - let me know if I have.

I know Limelight is the “main focus” now but Ink still has supporters and things to be fulfilled.

We need more talking, walking and idle animations while the character is holding a baby for Ink makes and females.

  • For example, here are just a couple: talk_baby_angry

All we have at the moment is:
for male and female.

Like and comment if you support this idea. :wink:

Winter xx

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Support, it’s not fair that limelight gets all the cool things.


Remember to like the original post to get it noticed by Episode!! :wink:




Support this definitely! :raised_hands::open_hands::raised_hand::+1::fist::facepunch::fist_left::fist_right::raised_back_of_hand::wave::clap::palms_up_together:


SUPPORT ALL THE WAY! At least make a walk_rock_baby animation. It looks like bad parenting when your kid is dangling from your arm as you walk. Really episode?!


True! :joy: Added a walking example up now. Let me know if you have anymore! :wink:


Ink for life! I will always support the ideas of new animations. They will always come in very handy. :blush:


I definitely support this!!!


Exactly, I wish ink had all those things too.


Anyone else feel like episode is trying to get us to use limelight since it’s the newest style? I mean, they basically rushed limelight to the point where the characters look like they’re REALLY bad actors and actresses. By the way, you think Episode will even consider our requests?


Read Liz’s comment here: PETITION: More Ink!


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