ANIMATION: More Instruments for ALL STYLES


There are a few already available in each style but I think an acoustic guitar and classical instruments like cello and violin should be added to animations in every style. I keep pressing the every style point because it seems like lately they’ve added a lot of cool stuff but only to Limelight, Ink’s updates are pretty weak/few and far between and they’ve completely given up on Classic. If you put something in one style I think there should be an equivalent in the other two styles.

Musical Animations for Limelight

I love and support this idea. I would love to make a musical story that not just about rocking out. It would be nice to make a character who yearns to be an opera singer or a composer. :slight_smile:

I have always loved the sound of an orchestra, especially whenever a harp or a violin/viola is used.


We definitely need this! Support!


We need this for Limelight as well!!


Here’s a thought: maybe the instruments could be props, and then the same animation (like, play the guitar) could be used with several different props (instruments), such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar… That way we could have more instruments without having to add a animation for every single one of them!


That’s a great idea, you should make a props suggestion thread.


I agree with this more instruments would be better for every style having only the guitar is kinda boring.


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Support :astonished:


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Totally support the part where same thing should be in each style :smiley: there are some great things in classic that we could use in new styles


Can we get more things related to band stuff? Like animation: playing drums, playing a piano, maybe some trombone or something, and more singing choices. For props: guitars, microphones etc. Clothes: Maybe jacket or t-shirt “I’m with the band”


You can show support here: ANIMATION: More Instruments for ALL STYLES

And in regards to the other stuff, you should look to see if there are any duplicate threads, and if not create separate feature request threads for them, following the guidelines which can be found here: Feature Request Guidelines