Animation name help?

Hi! There’s this animation in a lot of stories where the character is completely still with their eyes slightly widened. They look a little awkward, too, and shocked? I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know its name? :blush:

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i think its flirt_fingersnap

Are you talking about the jaw drop one?

If so, it’s idle_jawdrop

But there’s also the end of flirt_fingersnap

yea the end of flirt_fingersnap - do i need to make an overlay to use instead? thank you :slight_smile:

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yes ur right!! thank you.

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when the character is performing the animation, you can just zoom to another character & go back to the first character. they should have already ended the animation & paused at the pose you wanted!

Do you want the character to do that straight away?

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Hi! I’ve been struggling to find a Hi wavehand , All the animations i could find with Hi wavehand was with sit and wave and the extreme wave. If anyone knows the Neutral wave animations please share!

If you are using LL then search up greet.