Animation Name Needed!

I’ve been looking for this animation where the character acts kinda surprised and then looks around oddly. I’ve seen it in so many different stories but can’t find it! (Its a LL animation!) Please help me!

react_startled_embarrassed maybe?

no, their mouth is closed and their head kinda moves with their eyes. I don’t know what its called.

maybe idle_flashlight_scared_loop ? :face_with_peeking_eye:

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nope, sorry. Its a standing animation, both male and female can do it. The animation starts out kinda like talk_complain_angry but then stops after about a second and the character looks up, down, side to side (the order might be wrong) and they look odd when they look around.

welp, then I have no idea, flashlight is for both men and women and they’re also looking around oddly :sweat_smile:
good luck in finding tho!

nvm I found it! it was sing_fail_embarrassed! Thanks for trying to help me though! And sorry if my description wasn’t very good.

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