Animation or overlay of lipsync

Uhh so hey my name is mira and I am currently working on my first story I need help to understand how to animate characters while they are in whole different pose. And that lipsync they do while holding gun etc like seriously I tried but somehow failed can anyone tell me how to animate them??


What do you mean by animate them?
You can animate characters by:

@CHARACTER is talk_hold_gun
(The script will not move forward till the action is completed.)

&CHARACTER is talk_hold_gun
(The animation will start, but the rest of the script will still continue.)

To have a character speak while using animation you put the animation in brackets next to the characters name.

CHARACTER (talk_hold_gun)
Drop your weapons now.

Is that what you meant?

–Invisible Waffle


Actually I mean creating facial expressions and all just like in war dogs and other episode stories Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-34-36-72|690x310


They are overlays. You can make these by screenshotting your characters in the portal doing animations, then making them into overlays.

I can give you more information on how to do this if you like.


Ya plz do help :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You can make overlays on many apps. Overlays are images without backgrounds. (PNG transparent images.) I use an app called Eraser that can be downloaded on a mobile device, and has a tool that helps you get ridd of the background.

This helps in animating overlays:

I will use one of the ones I have made as an example:

The image example:

The overlays I used to make it:

ARM 1 (Using animation: talk_handsonhips, with arms rotated.)

ARM2 (ARM1 reversed)

UPPER BODY (yawn_bored)

SKIN OF CHARACTERS COLOUR (This will cover the mouth, so you can have the mouth overlay move.)

LIP (Animation: eyeroll)

The character also has wound overlays aswell.

Does this help?

–Invisible Waffle

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Ya thank you :blush:

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No problem! :yellow_heart:

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How would you put it in a script ? Yk with all those overlays.

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How would you put an overlay into a script?

You use the command:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
To create the overlay in the script.

To place it you use:
**@overlay OVERLAY shifts to # # in 0
@overlay OVERLAY scales to # # in 0

I meant how do you put it all in a script like with the custom animating like how you did it in those images. :skull:my bad I’m bad at explaining stuff

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Well I screenshot my character doing specific poses and then removed the background with an app called Eraser. Then I grouped them together on an app called ibisPaint X, then uploaded it as an overlay to my account and then placed it in my script.

But you don’t have to group them all together, you can just upload individual arms and legs as overlays and then place them where you want them. (This would take longer to place them though.)

Is that what you needed?


Your a god yeah that’s what I needed. Thanks and one more thing, how would you switch back to the normal character after using the custom poses?

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Normally, I would move the camera to a different character or object, then remove the overlay(s) and add the character back into the script in the same spot. (While the camera is still away from the overlay character.)

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how do we make the overlay character talk?

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You would have to leave a gap in the overlay of the characters face, and have the character underneath this overlay speaking. It is easier to use animations where the mouth of the character doesn’t move too much so it is shown as the overlay speaking.

INK examples of some still animations (I’m not sure if you’re using INK or limelight or classic)



How do I leave a gap in the character’s face? Can you show an example?

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I’ll see if I can find/make one.
Give me a few minutes

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I made a quick example:

(Excuse my bad background erasing :joy:)

With the mouth cut out of the overlay, you can place your character behind it, to make it look like the overlay character is talking. The character may stick out of the overlay. This can be solved by making a overlay of the background, and cutting a hole in it aswell (around the same place, you don’t need to make it exactly the same size or anything like that, because the overlay will cover most of it up anyway.)

The layers would go like:
CHARACTER (bottom)