Animation or overlay of lipsync


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No problem!

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Hey so I know how to Make custom poses and make them talk and stuff, but I was wondering if you knew how to make them move their eyes like for example in the story war dogs, the characters have custom poses and they are moving. I was wondering if you know how to do that?

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Like how to make a characters eyes move?
You would have to make the characters eye an overlay (only the iris and the pupil) and the overlay of the character’s full body would have to have completely white eyes, if you know what i mean? You would need to colour in the pupil and iris white so you can’t see it.

Then on your story, you can move the eye to look at a different direction.

If you want the eye to move to look at someone you would have to make 2 different position eye overlays and make them fade in/out at the same time to make it look like the same eye.

Do you get what I mean?
I feel like I’m being confusing. :joy:

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