ANIMATION: Parkour Animation Ideas

i’ve thought of some animations that would make writing a lot easier! Especially for action scenes, getting α character to do parkour is extremely hard and requires many overlays.

  1. If we had an animation that does α 360 in the air (starts like dance_lift_receive_start and has a 360 flip in air then ends like dance_lift_recieve_end) we would be able to do so much.

  2. a summer sault in general on the ground and we stand up at the end would be awesome!

  3. Αn animation where we look like we’re scaling α wall

  4. More Flipping animations would be beneficial for action and dancing/gymnastics scenes!

  5. Α running-jump-360 flip-kick would be great for awesome fight scenes!

  6. More fighting animations for easier hand-to-hand combat scenes would be outstanding…!

Moves to consider: roundhouse kick, cartwheel kick, rear-neck choke, and disarming techniques.


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Yes! These would save so much time!


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ANIMATION: Parkour Animation Ideas
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