ANIMATION: Punching animations

It just seems weird to only strike the chest area like the animation we have…
Also, a ‘spits out tooth’ animation would be cool! I might be getting carried away with this, but perhaps a ‘punches own other hand’ one too?


I would like one kicking the ground . like kicing a football (soccerball for you americans)

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Yesss, these would both be great, and the kicking animation could also be used for fight scenes, it would make fights more interesting instead of just the simple punch animations that we have.


Yeah, why is that NOT a thing already? They have the sports uniforms, so…

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I think just in general we need more fight related animations

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Well the fist doesn’t just strike the chest, to make it strike the other characters face you would have to use advanced directing, which really isn’t as bad as it sounds

You could mimic the actions you are suggesting with overlays as well

i support this idea !!

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:eyes::eyes: support

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That sounds like a really good idea!

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Welcome to the community!

I mean, fair, but hey - it doesn’t hurt to suggest a more straightforward way of doing it though.

Fighting animations are - always have been - in a short supply. We need more of those. Usually you have to find some way around it, like standup to dodge…
A real fighting sequence, like self-defence, would be really cool and useful.

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