ANIMATION: Rock, Paper, Scissors!



A game of rock, paper, scissors would be a fun animation!

Just imagine, you write your characters in a scenario where they are fighting about who gets to use the bathroom first. How are we gonna decide who goes first??? Oh, I know!

Best two outta three in rock, paper, scissors!


Hehehe that would be fun!




I would love this!!


omg yes!!


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These would be great additions to the episode animations.


C’mon guys we gotta fight for this animation!


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I support this! Episode should add this animation, it would be so much fun, especially for siblings who are fighting and need to decide which person gets the better stuff. Only one way to settle it: rock, paper, scissors :joy:




Support this! That’d be a must for some funny situations :joy:


OMG! That would be amazing! SUPPORT!!!


Lol! Nearly forgot about this topic. :star:





Support. :heart:

This animation would be perfect for stories that have some flashbacks to when characters were kids, they could be fighting over rock, paper, scissors. :blush:


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