ANIMATION: Sitting Down while Crossing your Legs and Thinking

Hey everyone @Forever1201 Here :heart:

So I have been wondering, why is there no emotion while sitting down. Afternoon doing my previous one:

And now I’m thinking,

Why is there no Sitting down crossing legs and thinking?!

I think this will be great for stories. It will improve better and have more action and more showing emotions :heartbeat:

I would like to know what u think.

~ Kit Kat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I agree 100% with it, as I was writing the next chapter of my story I was thinking the exact same thing
With adding these new animations while sitting it will help improve the story

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Closing this since it looks like we already have a request for this pose. ANIMATION: Crossed Legs (Ink + Limelight) :smiley: