ANIMATION: Sitting while using phone


Limelight only has one animation for using a phone while sitting: react_sit_checkphone_bored, and it basically is consists of an eyeroll and the character pulling out their phone - and it doesn’t loop. We need animations for using the phone while you sit.

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Whattttt, you’re kidding?! :astonished:

We also need a Sit while reading too!! :smiley:

The talking and sitting animations are very handy, though. Well done on that, #EpisodeTeam :smiley:


Support. This animation is an essential, I wonder why episode hasn’t included it yet




We also need a ton of other animations. More blushes, that flirty finger snap that INK has and especially, an idle_stare

Support :+1:


Bumping!! Give likes please :heart:




Hi, Does anyone know how to make a character sit and do a deep breath… rather than using the animations that are there for sit (eg: talk_sit and the others) I want to make my character sit and do the deepbreath animation…