ANIMATION : Smoking [ Limelight ]


One thing I noticed just a little while ago, is that LL has no smoking animations! And yes, I know, smoking is bad, but these are stories, not real life.

I just think that, if INK has smoking animations, LL should get some too, right?


Even though none of my characters were created or narrated to smoke I do believe that we should also be given the same animation which allows us to smoke as the ink version does. Also even though its just a story some narrated the storyline to focus on real-life experiences that others endure so even though it’s just a story, some stories can be narrated to focus on real-life experiences that others can both endure or even relate to.


what?! there’s no smoking animations? :frowning:
i loved using them in INK, i hope we get them in LL too! these are helpful in a lot of stories!! support!


yes! I 100% support this.

This would be so useful for my character :smile:


Bump :heart:


There is a lot of things I have noticed that is different. I hate that there is not smoking animations and that almost all the talking animations have loop with them so right after you have to add a different animation to make there mouth stop moving before someone else can talk. I didn’t see any tats also in lime. I am writing my first lime story and as of right know tell a lot of things change I really think it well be my last story in lime. I love my INK a lot more.


This story where everyone is talking about has a smoking animation.
I hope they release it, because I need it for my characters


Is this from the new featured story?




Yes you can know make them smoke in LimeLight


is that added though?


Not yet but I head it well be very soon. Sorry should have put that in my first comment.


Here’s a thought: the smoking animation can be universal, and the different props different kind of smoking thingys (like cigarettes, cigars… and such)




Yess! Support. :heart:️ I really need this for my character


Support again!


Yeah good point SUPPORT!




What story is that from