ANIMATION : Smoking [ Limelight ]


They should also add the writing animation back too.


Story: in my bed




We clearly need this, support!


SUPPORT! :smoking:


Support because my story line (and probably others) need this!


Definitely support this! I’ve been struggling with that, I always make my character go outside to “smoke” since there’s no animation.
We should get at least a cigarette prop.


SUPPORT! For sure, I so need this for one of my characters.


we actually do have a cigarette prop! the prop’s name is Cigarette White Tan. the only thing that’s missing is the animation, so, bump!

*note: the cig prop will only show on the app


I didn’t know that! Oof, that’ll come in handy. Do you know that name for the script?


is this what you mean by “name for the script”?


Yeah! Sorry about that, didn’t see it if you originally posted it in your comment. Thank you!


Idk if they’ve added it yet or not, but full support here, too.

I personally don’t like smoking, but one of my characters does. Guess I’ll go find out… lol :slight_smile:


me too! do you know if there are any alternative ways we can use a certain animation that makes it seem like a character is smoking?



And support this feature request :two_hearts:


Um hi maybe you should avoid going off topic.


I was just about to make my character smoke, this changes my whole story :frowning:


Support :heart:




Support! I need this for my story!!! My first few chapters are in a very run down neighborhood filled with gangs and such… Cigarettes and smoking are a must!