ANIMATION : Smoking [ Limelight ]


I had no idea they didn’t have this until I tried to look for the animation in Limelight yesterday this kinda ruins things atm.

100% support this

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I actually just realized there’s a hidden cigarette prop for limelight, if you’d just type on safari or internet “hidden props on episode interactive” im sure you’ll see Dara Amarie’s page filled with hidden animations


bump we really need this.


Completely SUPPORT!!!


They need to add this in the next month, cause my story needs this to continue, does anyone have an alternate way to smoke on LL?


support, I remember a while ago I was looking for the animations in limelight until I realized there were none :woman_facepalming: :sweat_smile:




support 101%!






Support we do need it ! It makes LL seem more realistic considering that a lot of people do smoke! I don’t understand why they haven’t added it yet


Unfortunally we’re not allowed to use hidden props.


And popping circle baloons :joy:




And drugs… Omg yes


No no no drugs :scream:


Lol why not? I’m making a detective story where the mother sends the MC to AA meetings for drug abuse because she believed his action were typical for a drug user, while instead he had mania. And later in the episode a girl apparently dies because of heroin and so far the story is fine

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If they had the props it would look like episode was supporting illegal substance use so that’s why it’s not a good idea. If you use overlays, it will be fine.

The rating will change if they give us drug paraphernalia as props lmao

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It would be so cool tho


I guess.