ANIMATION: Some essential actions

I’m not sure if I repeated this topic from someone else but…
I would like some LL suggestions in action of:
-eating a lollipop (mouth, hand and prop; maybe similar to the smoke action)
-sneeze (since we already had a mask, we need a sneezing action)
-chew (chewing without infinite grabbing of food, just like chewing a gum) (idk, in my head, it’s kinda creepy but i guess i need it with masks on XD)
-tiptoeing! (not a sneaky kind of action, it’s for reaching high places)
-human sniff (don’t laugh. we sniff if we smell something delicious! but I guess search_action can be considered.)
-fan (some stories needed to experience what heat feels like xD)
-daydreaming face (i always daydream so why not?) like this pic. (it’s from google)


-hand pray (standing, kneeling and sitting with eyes open and closed, it’s essential since begging_action is present, and don’t you think it would be nice? any religion can be applied too.)
-kick, not a crotch type, like this pic



-crawl (not a dancing action but just crawl)
-an inspo from Finding Sunshine from Bri, a biking action (honestly, i can die peacefully with this particular action. How come i didn’t think of this even when I have my own bike)
-and slide (from inclined places??)

I’m sorry if I’m asking too much of suggestions.
But in my opinion, if we received more clothing, we should also receive some essential actions.
Of course, you can suggest more. I personally think I needed the kick, pray, sneeze, fan, daydream and lollipop actions. The rest are some suggestion can be covered with the available actions.
Eek, that’s all.





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Totally Support!!
We really need that all
:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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