ANIMATION: startled_surrender



I was thinking that it would be really cool if we could have an action where a character (Limelight and Ink) can walk while having their hands halfway up

It’d be cool if other emotions like disturbed and angry and neutral would be added as well.


Like an ‘startled_surrender’?


Why should this person close it? It seems like a really good idea to me… Bump!


That’s a good idea


You should name it something like this:
ANIMATION: walk_hands_up_worried
So it won’t get closed :wink:

Only the OP can ask moderators to close her/his threads I think:ok_hand:


Thank you so much. I’m fairly new to this ordeal :sweat_smile:


You mean startled_surprised?


This would be awesome! :smirk:


No… I was making a name for the animation


Sorry I misunderstood. I’ll change the name of my action, yours sounds better :grinning:


Why did you flag it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


She didn’t flag, she was flagged by someone.

Giving my support to this suggestion :heart: It would be awesome to have it! :heart:


Oh OK! Thanks :hearts:


Bump ^^




Bump, this sounds like a good idea :wink: