Animation Style


Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to change the style of your book once you’ve already started writing it. What I mean by the style, is where you have the choices of your characters being animated, or being idle in that that bubble thing. If that makes sense…


Sorry, I have a hard time understanding


Do you mean the speech bubble style?
Or do you mean the style as in Limelight, Ink and Classic - Cause then no, I don’t believe you can.


you can, but you would need to delete the script, all the outfits and characters


So, in other words, you might as well just start a new story,


Hey everyone! When I meant the animation style, I meant the difference between Episode spotlight and full character display.
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Well, unfortunately (and I could be wrong) but I don’t think you can change it once you’ve started your story.


Unless you delete everything like @Apes said. :disappointed:


If you made your story in spotlight then you cannot do that. You have to create a new story. But if you created your story in cinematic, then here are the codes to switch between the styles:

  1. set format cinematic

  2. set format spotlight



Thanks :slight_smile:


No problem :blush: